Too Short StoryLine Interesting Location Bomb Creation Frustrating Sometimes.

User Rating: 8 | Assassin's Creed: Revelations PS3
This game is great because its an assassin creed game. I love the game but the game feels just retarded sometimes. Details of 100% sync doesn't always give you 100% even if you do everything correctly unless its glitched. I love the constantinople feel. I just don't know, I like how brotherhood was better than revelation. There a lot of things amiss like the death of that one girl. Ezio is old in this game. Throwing knives doesn't work all the time, it glitch through walls. The hookblade is interesting but isn't all that. The commander of your enemy always run away like a little scaredy cat immediately after you alert the army. I feel like smashing the controller whenever the commander runs away and I have to wait for a day for him to return. I've done it like about 8 times. :( There a few frustrating parts to this game. Im not sure if it requires anything like collecting lots of crap like assassin creed games does. So Far, the game is just a nuisance but I still enjoy the game. Hope to see something different or It would be nice if an assassin creed game would be located in Brazil or Japan or Mexico or somewhere interesting.