An in depth review of AC Revelations.

User Rating: 8.5 | Assassin's Creed: Revelations PS3
Asassins creed Revelations is one of the games that you are are waiting for months but when you finally have it in your hands you start asking yourself if it is realy what you wanted from the begining. In some ways AC Revelations is completely the same with Brotherhood and 2 but when you look closer you see that it has its own character. The new enviroment in AC Revelations has some stunning views and the historical sites have been created in the game with the best detail and they look exactly like the real world. The people in the city fell alive because you see them doing little everyday things and you will often hear people speaking in greek! At first I couldnt believe that and in my opinion this proves the work that the developers have done on this game. The new mechanism that it was a test in my opinion if the fans would accepte changes is the hookblade. This new blade is doing some pretty good new moves and it makes the gameplay more enjoyable. But the sad thing is the inovations in this game is only the hookbalde so if anyone think they will find a whole different game either the developers will do all the invations in the third game or they are to afraid to change the mix that has benn made. The story has some very good points trhoughout the game and it has a perfect ending for Ezio and for the story of Desmond which will conclude in the third game. But the basic thing the story misses is that personal feeling AC 2 had. This thing has been given away for a more focused story on Desmond. Last the second time adition is the multiplayer. It is very addictive and when you finish the single player you could easily stick with it for months. It is definetily more enjoyable from Brotherhood with the more modes and the fastest loading screens it has. All in all the new entry in the AC series gives a fitting ending to the trilogy and it is a must buy for all the fans.