What is the point of this game?

User Rating: 3 | Assassin's Creed: Revelations X360

Solid voice acting by the cast. It does come off as a bit cheesy at times and doesn't come off as genuine even in serious situations.

It's just an awful looking game. It recycles a lot of material from the previous two AC games and is filled with bugs and glitches. The cut scenes surprisingly look even worst than the main game.

Game Play:
The combat is pretty weak. The platforming feels stripped down and will result in a ton of cheap and annoying deaths. From the start of the tutorial, I was either constantly jumping off when I didn't want or mean to or constantly falling off ledges.

Very weak story. Platforming feels half finished and that's a big part of the game. Filled with bugs and glitches. Looks pretty awful compared to previous AC games. Needless multiplayer. Some of the Brotherhood aspects don't really fit well in the main game.

Overall: 4/10
The game was obviously rushed and feels incomplete. There's a wide variety of bugs and glitches that are noticeable from the start of the game. The graphics look terrible, Which is surprisingly considering the first two games of the series looked good visually. And the pointless addition of the multiplayer is what really does it in for me.