A solid assassins game but adds little and some additions are not welcome.

User Rating: 7.5 | Assassin's Creed: Revelations X360
Assassins Creed returns with a much older and wiser Ezio, no longer fueled by revenge but to seek the truth. It's not long before his peaceful journey gets more complicated due to Templar plans. The story isn't as interesting as Ezio's last outings I found myself not really caring for the people of constantinople. The city is vast a beautiful but nothing new.

The best of the few additions in the game has to be the hook blade allowing faster climbing and the use of zip wires plus some combat and evasion abilities. Among other improvements is the assassin training working similar to brotherhoods introduction but with cities to capture. Bomb crafting can also be do but for me they are not needed most the time I forgot I even had them as a hidden blade and crossbow are so much more effective. They make a nice addition but it was more added for the sake of trying to make the game a carbon copy. Desmond missions are also available which feel like they don't belong at all, they are first person puzzles that aren't fun or challenging just plan frustrating. Another very unwelcome feature is a tower defense mini game in which you must place troop in a street to how off wave after to wave of forces. This part feels endless and boring and other than the mission it's introduced in you'll avoid it most likely.

The story starts off strong but does slow down in the middle but soon picks up to a great final parts. As Ezio progresses you unlock Altair missions these are great to see what happened in this life from before the first game to way after. It is also interesting to see how Desmond s, Ezio's and Altair 's stories inter wind. By the end it is sad to say good bye to two great characters.

This is a great game for fans of the series but doesn't add much in the way of innovation. It is far from the strongest of Ezio's adventures but he ends his journey well.