Really hoping controls in AC3 will be tightened up

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I was playing revelations and while the control mapping is a bit confusing, I found that the real frustration is the fact that Ezio simply refuses to do what you are telling him to at times. Trying to auto aim a guard whos spotted me to try and fight him. Clicked and held the button 3 seperate times. Nothing. Died. The responsiveness of the controls are lagged a bit as well. Plus when Ezio does something it takes about a quarter of a second or so for him to begin doing it. I understand the developers did this to grant more of a fluid look to the movement but dear god. It's like everything he does except the counters, come out slowly.


  I wanted to like this game and I couldn't figure out (until tonight) why I didn't like this game even though it seemed so well built......then it just hit me.. The controls are trash. I played AC1 ages ago and then picked this up. Didn't play AC2 or Brotherhood but I'm assuming the controls had the same response time. Really hoping they severely tighten up the response time and speed up the new protagonists movements. What have you guys thought of the controls For the AC series thus far?

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Have you tried x360 controller for pc?