need help immediately

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I have searched high low all over the endless internet and couldn't find a solution or even another person with this problem. I just started revelations and i"m not to far in. I get to the On the Defense mission where they introduce the tower defense mini game. the fact isn't that I can't beat it I can't even get troops. When i pick my rooftop and press A to place my assassin leader he just never shows up. It takes the morale and registers that i did it or it wouldn't continue until i did but he never shows up. same with crossbowmen they just never appear and im doing the whole thing with only my gun which doesn't work. Please help
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I've heard of this and i saw someone even post a thread about it, is actually a bug with the game tho. ppl suggest the only solution is to delete the save and start a game game save since you r not far from begining !