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Hi, I recently installed Assassins Creed Revelations, when I started I noticed that my fps was low (13-17), something which I found strange because my computer is not bad at all (High Skyrim, NFS: The Run etc). I decided to get the lowest graphics and resolution to get good FPS. Initially I had 1366x768 high everything, I ended up with everything low 800x600. The problem is that the FPS have not increased. Not even one FPS I have the V-sync off. The drivers are all updated Yes, I play with the Geforce and not with the Intel Computer: Asus K53SC Intel Core i5-2410M CPU 2.30Ghz (2.9Ghz with turbo) 4GB DDR3 ram nvidia Geforce 520MX - 1Gb Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Sorry my bad english =P