The best AC since Black Flag

User Rating: 7 | Assassin's Creed Origins XONE

I noticed in the previous AC game that they were starting to push RPG-like elements into the game and with Origins, We really get that in spades. The level up and skill point system is a lot more defined, Items now have rarity types and levels attached so the higher the level, the more damage it does. Thankfully, There are no loot crates and items are just earned naturally (through chests hidden in the game or by looting enemies). And I like that areas are level specific so you can't just grind out the game easily early on, You actually have to take your time and explore areas before really advancing in the game. It makes you actually explore the game and everything it has to offer and I like that.

Yes, it offers the typical AC stuff: Sync spots, Places to find treasure, Enemy bases to defeat and dozens of side quests but oddly enough, It doesn't really feel repetitive or boring. Sure, It can be a bit of a grind at times but it's also the first time in a long time where I genuinely enjoyed playing through this stuff. Maybe it's because they axed out all those needless collectables and focused on making the side objectives more enjoyable. Yes, There is a fair share of grinding in the game but it's all worth it because you get more skill points and way better loot. It also makes the main quest a breeze so that's a major plus.

And speaking of the main quest, The story is so-so. It's your typical revenge plot, You really just bounce from area to area levelling up, doing side and main missions and other objectives until you eventually reach a quick mission where you finally confront the mini-bosses of the game. Do that enough times and then you reach the head honcho and then it's game over. It's pretty simple and straight-forward AC stuff. The main protagonist is pretty cool but he's very much your average tough, silent hero. One thing I noticed fairly early on is that there is a severe lack of depth with these characters and all your average AC troupes are featured. It's a shame they didn't try to flesh them out a bit more.

Visually, The game looks stunning. I love the setting for the game (Egypt) and I feel that it's this type of setting that really does the AC games justice because when you start getting more modern, There seem to be a lot more bugs and glitches. With the Egyptian setting, It's bare but in a good way and the game doesn't have all of those issues.

The real big change that I noticed with this game comes with the combat system. The buttons have been re-assigned and it really emphasizes blocking, dodging and countering your opponent's attacks rather than going on this full-on assault. It takes a bit to get used to but once I got comfortable with it, I ended up really enjoying it and have no issue playing this game for hours on end. It still features a lot of the same AC gameplay but if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I will say that I am glad they fixed the vehicle mechanics in this game, They've been a pain for quite some time and it's been long overdue for it to be addressed.

The only real disappointment for me is the map. There's a good 1/3 of the map (the seas at the top and the desert at the bottom) that are totally empty. They may have 1 or 2 treasure spots and that's it. They were needless additions and not worth exploring. I really don't get why they cram so much stuff into one small area and then with these huge areas, There's nothing to do but run through the desert. I don't get that at all and that docks off an entire point IMO. If it didn't need to be there, Don't add it.

Overall: 7/10
The visual and combat improvement do the game wonders but the map issue and the disappointing story really knock it down for me.