Who has never dreamed about being a pirate?

User Rating: 9 | Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag PS3

I just finished this opus and all i can say is that it is probably one of the most beautiful game i have ever played.

The best point of the game is the unlimited freedom it offers to you: you can sail wherever you want, confront and board ships of any size at any time to grab some extra coins all along your way or add the ship to your fleet to accomplish extra missions. You have also the possibility to challenge Mother Nature which will never stepped back to launch devastating hurricanes and high tide waves against your gracious boat. Without forgetting the possibility to find various events like a royal convoy full of reales or a whale to kill.

Another aspect I particularly like is the combat style of Edward. It's more intuitive and vary according to your surrounding environment. The boarding fights are particularly well done with various objectives which became harder to fulfill when you attack and neutralize bigger ships. The AI is also well developed, the attacked ship will often drive you to other enemy ships which won't hesitate to come at their rescue and most of the times it's big ships like Man-O-Wars or frigates. The good side is more there are ships more the rewards are big.

The last aspect I will come to is again the possibility to meet legendary characters like Black Beard, Benjamin Arnigold, Steed Bonnet or Bartholomew Roberts. Assassin's Creed is maybe the only game serie allowing you to enjoy the company of those historical characters and it's really pleasurable. You really feel you are a very active part of a pirates movie.

I'm really looking forward to play the next game which will be released next month and will be set during the French revolution.

Hoist the colors, me hearties!