I wish i'd never played a Assassins Creed game before

User Rating: 9 | Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag PC

If you are like me who played the previous games in the series you'll feel familiar immediately with the 3th person controls. Most of it are pretty much the same with some new animations. And that's the only drawback with this game. The world is amazing, the sea is amazing, naval battles are awesome and the exploration is huge, and i mean HUGE! Theres really tons to do and its keeping me excited after +20 hours. The shants also has stuck to my brain resulting in me singing pirate songs wherever i go, yaharr. So as i said, if it weren't for the thing that i played the previous games so much this would be one of my very rare 10's.
If you havnt played any previous AC games, well, omfg you are in for a treat.