Why can I see developer's responses to 'histories' ingame?

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I bought the game during Steam's most recent sale. I installed it and started it up.

When I read through the stories and information about persons, locales, buildings and so on, often there's a response to what is written by, I assume, a developer.

For instance, when reading about the main character's back story, you get to know that he was and is often drinking and fighting and enjoying himself with girls and so on. That's fine and all, but then there's a person who writes/comments/replies and don't agree that they should tell the players about that because he's the hero of the game and as such, you shouldn't "turn him into that kind of person".

This is happening on the majority of letters and descriptions of people and places i'm receiving.

Is this correct? Why is there a need for this to be in the game? Shouldn't this be taken away prior to release?

Just seems weird and I had to ask if everyone is experiencing this.

For your information I have my game menu in swedish, so every description I read is translated into that language.

Thanks in advance.

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@Heavygunned: Hi. Your assumption is incorrect. Those are not developer comments, they are the comments of the fictional employees of Abstergo. If you haven't progressed through the story far enough yet, you'll soon find yourself doing interstitial missions taking place in the present day, where you walk around an office hacking computers for the IT guy. The storyline goes that you are a new employee at Abstergo, and your job is to use the "Animus" computers to experience first hand memories of historical characters via their DNA. The obstensible goal of your work at Abstergo is to take footage from the experiences to create immersive video games for consumers. All the comments you're reading are the employees at Abstergo worrying about whether certain details should be allowed in the game they're producing. You are not meant to take them as real comments by real developers of Assassin's Creed. Hope that clears it up.