What's next after Pirates?

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I think the next theme should be Ninjas. Even if it's not taking place in Feudal Japan.
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  2. Pirates balls out DLC
  3. Kick Pirates Ass DLC
  4. Brain teasing bullshit animus DLC
  5. That's IT DLC Over
  6. Next new Game
  7. Assassin's Creed IV: White Flag  - Release 19 Nov 2014
  8. Assassin's Creed V: Red Flag  - Release 19 Nov 2015
  9. Assassin's Creed VI: Mixed Flag  - Release 19 Nov 2016
  10. Assassin's Creed VII Edward Second Journey  - Release 19 Nov 2017
  11. Assassin's Creed VIII Edward Journey to New World  - Release 19 Nov 2018
  12. Assassin's Creed IX Edward Final Journey  - Release 19 Nov 2019
  13. That's it Edward Chapter Over then new
  14. Again Start to Kick Connor Ass
  15. Assassin's Creed X Connor Return  - Release 19 Nov 2020
  16. Assassin's Creed X1  Why Connor Return  - Release 19 Nov 2021
  17. Assassin's Creed XII Connor Final Chapter  - Release 19 Nov 2022
  18. And go on
  19. There is no damand for folls in Earth what ever they release people ready to buy it even though they release every month a new game dosen't matter people buy that too
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I think Rome would be a better setting. During the Roman's heyday. Imagine fighting in the coliseum or leaping down from the Senate building to take out an unsuspecting Roman soldier or enemy. Rome is just a very popular and easily relatable for more people than Japan is.
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My guess rather then going that far to the like ancient Rome past going to the wild west .
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Rome is just a very popular and easily relatable for more people than Japan is. mvickers89

How is ancient Rome more relateble?

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They need to go back in time instead of going forward in time. What made Assassin's Creed awesome in the first place was that it was primarily Medieval warfare; no guns, smoke bombs, and all the other crap they've seemed to throw into engagements [like naval sea battles]. That is why Altair will always be my favorite. But that's a different topic.

Honestly, I would like to see the series go back to the days of the Persian Empire [which had great cities], which would revitalise Assassin's Creed's origins as a stealth game, since there would be no guns and gadgets; just you, your hidden blades, poison, throwing knives, and maybe a sword or dagger. That really is the best equipment for an assassin in ancient times anyway, who needs to be light and fast moving, not wearing heavy armor and embellishments.

Ubisoft really needs to focus on making the enemies more formidable and deadly, as well as making stealth more of a reliability. This would force you to resort to real assassination tactics instead of going into open conflict all the time, because the opponents would be much more difficult to fight all at once.

There also needs to be a sense of honoring the creed. You know how many times the creed has been broken in the past games. What happened to never drawing attention to one's self? Ezio compromised the Brotherhood when he let Rodrigo Borgia live. Or how about Revelations when he is at full scale war with the Byzantines? Anyway, point is, Ubsoft needs to go back to the roots of Assassin's Creed. I think going back to the times of Persia would give us a true Assassin's Creed feel like AC1 had, and would be a good oppurtunity for the series to come back into it's own.

-end rant-

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@Mortoseth: we have allready been in rome in ac brotherhood and there have been 2 games in italy so japan would make more sense. If you go hacking in to you co workers pc at (not gonna spoil) "office" there is a conversation between to poeple and they mention a couple of places like egypt, japan and france during napoleonic wars where the game could be headed.

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Wild West

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@Mortoseth: The Roman empire had a massive influence on European culture which is in evidence still to this day. Pretty relatable i'd say.

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I say Ninjas! :D

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I think Japan would be sooo sick. During the Sengoku period, that'd be awesome. Or Egypt would be cool too.

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next is Liberation xD :) haahaha .. And i think after this V = India . I would like to see : France , Rome or India and Australia :)

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Also, India could be a nice follow-up to AC4.

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now that I have come to terms with the fact that there will never be another Tenchu game, my vote goes to the Ninja setting for AC5.

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India would be amazing as well.

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Rome could be amazing. You could go to Egypt, Carthage, France... even Britain. I think it could actually be cool to mirror Ben Hur a bit-- have the protagonist start out in some small community on the outskirts of the empire that's being occupied by the Romans.

Japan or China could be cool, too. Or Persia, as mentioned up thread. I like the idea of getting back to something simpler, like the first game.

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I think Japan would be the best since it would add more diversity to the game. I mean for example those that ask for Rome already have Ezio's story which is fairly in the same area and cultural influences. The same for India, which could be related to Assassin's Creed and the whole Sirian setting.

Of course I'm not saying that Siria is equal to India in every aspect, or that Rome is the same as Italy, I'm just stating that it has the same "feel" , so that's why I believe we need that Eastern Asia setting, and why I believe either Japan or China would make an awesome game for AC:V.

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Yes, Wild West like in Red Dead Redemption , that would be something....

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I think that next part will be placed in London and we will play as Edward Kenwey again. I think like that because whole time we played as Edward as pirate. At the end of the game he said that he will be the Assassin. And he also said before he went back home with daughter that he has some unfinished bussiness in London. So wi didnt see Edward fully as Assassin,he just wore assassins robes and nothing else,i think that we will play as Edward as assassin now,because Black flag part is dedicated to his pirating part of life.

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@Slinqy: The pirate theme is the best thing they have ever done!

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Granted, AC Black Flag was a fresh and new approach to Assassin's Creed [especially after experiencing AC3], which efforts saved the popularity of and kept afloat a dying series. Perhaps because of this it could be said to be the best thing to happen to Assassin's Creed... However, the pirate theme caused Black Flag to walk a tight-rope over being a pirate game and an Assassin's Creed game. Not saying there weren't stealth elements to the game and that it had nothing to do with Assassin's Creed, but Ubisoft focused more on trying to make the game full of activities as well as finding treasure and sinking ships rather than focus on the assassin element, which is understandable for a pirate-themed game.

AC Black Flag is just another chapter in the montage of Assassin's Creed games. Was it fun? Yes. Is it the best thing to happen to Assassin's Creed? Because of its timing and fresh direction, theoretically yes. But in actuality, no. AC Black Flag promotes an anti-assassin element that has driven the series even further away from what it should be. It shouldn't be about diving for sunken treasure and raiding storehouses and fishing for bull sharks. Although fun in their own right, Ubisoft needs to begin to focus now on making the players feel more like an Assassin, and less like an adventurer, or else Assassin's Creed will [and I believe already has] become something else.

I'm not sure what the best thing to happen to Assassin's Creed was [probably ACII], but the direction the series is being taken in bodes ill for future titles.

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I think ubisoft need to focus on the history of Asia area as well as China, Japanese, Thailland etc... It would be amazing game because the deep of history in these country.

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I think it will be difficult to top the Pirate theme they have now. But Thailand would be gorgeous especially on the new system. Ninjas would be a good fit if they can somehow fit it into the historical aspect they have been doing. Which might take time. Hopefully they already have something in the mix so we wont have to wait years and years for the research on topics. A teaser would be nice.

Wild west is interesting but, like it was said, red dead already took that to a whole new amazing level that i'm not sure would ever be able to be topped.

Egypt, pyramids and such... would... be... spectacular.

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I'd love to see the Wild West done in a gritty Spaghetti Western style set during the American Civil War period most of all. But I'm surprised we still haven't had one set in ancient Rome. Surely it's the most obvious and missing? Think gladiatorial combat in the Colosseum... epic chariot races in Circus Maximus... political intrigue in the senate... other than that, feudal Japan in the Sengoku period would be ok too, spanks! ;)