Treasure maps?

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OK I need a little help. I got my first treasure map and headed to the island that was indicated on the map. I went to the part of the island that appeared to match the drawing on the map, but I can't seem to find any treasure or anything that indicates that there is treasure in the area. Is it in a chest? Do you have to dig for it somehow?

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You have to dig. The ground will glow faintly when you stand on it.

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I got a problem with reaching a Cadaver on Great Inagua. I see it but I cant reach the location. I have searched all paths through the island, and swam as far as the area will allow. need help.

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The treasure map pics are often just a vague representation of the treasure spot. Things to pay attention to are the general shape of the piece of land it's on and the treasure's proximity on it, and large rocks or foliage clusters near the treasure. Don't pay too much attention to the specific shape of the rock, or the exact look of the tree cluster, and don't assume what might appear to be a defining landmark to even be there, like ship wreckage for instance.

As for the cadaver on Inagua, it's not to difficult to get to. Just look for a bent tree to get up to it.

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most trreasure locations are not shown even caguely on the drawings, you have to try to situate you in the bst way and walg around until "dig" shows up