Surprised by all the negativity

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As the title shows, i was really surprised last night after playing the game for 3-4 hours, with the negative reviews the game was getting.

I think its fantastic. This is to do with the fact that Ive never played a pirate game and I love it. Fighting at sea and sailing around listening to shantys and looting ships, is something that i can do for hours without even touching the main missions. Congratulations game makers

Perhaps because i didnt play 3 and i played 2 a long time ago, but it seems quite fresh for me. Of the missions ive done, they have been balanced and some of them quite challenging. The only gripe i have is on the ps4 its difficult to access thescreen to see the challenges. I hold down the touch screen but it goes to the map. This means that i assassinated the spanish templar from below when the challenge said above.

I think the missions have variety and you can tackle them with quite a lot of freedom. The game has a beautiful open world and the viewpoint syncing is another work of art.

If you are unsure about getting this game i think its the best single player game ive had since far cry 4. Actually its better.

If you like

Plundering ships

Searching for treasure chests

Fighting outside of taverns sinking huge naval vessels for gold

Upgrading your ship and equipment

Syncing viewpoints while looking at lush carribbean islands

Fighting stealthily

...then this is the game for you! I'd give it a 10.

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Ya me too. This is the first pirate game ive played as well . Playing on the ps4, and it's beautiful as hell! With better control's like being able to job and not just sprint, the trigger feel better to me for firing weopens on the ship, and the monuvering of the play when he runs and makes sharp turns is much better on ps4. So if anyones thinking about a ps4 I'd defiantly get it. Better controls and graphics.

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I love the atmosphere, it's a really beautiful and interesting world. But the trial-and-error gameplay is really starting to irritate me. Especially during chase scenes.

Should I follow him over this building? No... too slow, you've lost him.
Should I go around this building? No... the distance became to large.
Should I go through this building then? No... that's not it either, you lost him again.

And to make matters worse, the same button is used for running and climbing, so when you just want to sprint to close the gap, he suddenly grabs a pole or jumps up a wall. Slowing you down and making you lose the chase scene again. It's so frustrating!

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Never played an AC game before, and to be honest my first choice game for my PS4 was (like a lot of people) Watchdogs, but i'm thoroughly enjoying it.

No game's perfect you can always find something to gripe about....some of the game-play mechanics are strikingly similar to Far Cry 3, and the fact that i can't manually save is frustrating....i want to save good bits to show friends.

But i'd rather dwell on the positive....and that's easy to do with this game. I'm playing so much that i'm afraid i'll be finished before the next really good PS4 title comes out. Thinking about the upgraded Tomb Raider next, even though i played it on the 360, the trailer looks AMAZING!!

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this game is getting 8 and 9s out of 10 so there isnt much negativity exept for the few who come out every time there is a new assassins creed game to bitch about how the game controls suck since they keep jumping off buildings. Which they wouldnt if they paid enough attention to how freeruning works.

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A lot of the negative-ness is from peoples auto-hate at Ubisoft in general, and how we need to use a separate launcher for the game even though I bought it on steam.

Also the fact that its still a sequel to a series makes it look like they're just trying to milk a dead horse.

I love the game, but I think it would've fared better if they'd just left out the general Asses Creed stuff and made it a pure pirate game instead. Just 'Black Flag'.

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im 35% synched so I could be premature in saying this. The game as a stand alone pirate game is great. As an Assassins Creed game it's lacking. I felt like the story in AC-AC3 had an impact. Thus far I feel like I'm just running around sinking ships and finding treasure. Again great pirate game just wish it had a more solid and connected story to the AC arc.