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Hello guys, I'm having a problem with the display on assassin's creed 4, the display is really pixelated, it fits in the screen fine but it is just pixelated badly. It was fine the last time I played the game.

I have done four things since the last time I played the game:

1. Bought a new 1080p TV (The previous TV was 720p but still connected with HDMI)

2. Installed SP1 for windows 7

3. Updated the graphics driver

4. Installed the latest patch.

I rolled back the driver to the previous version, uninstalled SP1 and switched back to my previous TV, this only leaves the patch that is causing the problem.

I have tried changing the resolution and the scaling options in nvida control panel but no luck.

I have got a GeForce gtx 660 GPU (I got the game free with the GPU).

Any suggestions of what to do?

Thanks in advance of any answers.

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@f1nash: I have just reduced to screen resolution of the AC4 to 1280 - 720 and it worked with my Ndivia 625 gt when i plugged to the TV with 1929 x 1080 60hz res.