Next Gen version any better than current Gen?

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Is there going to be any difference between the two versions current vs next gen besides maybe slight graphics improvements?

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According to interviews I've seen, that will be the only difference.

It will be the same core experience on all platforms but with Next-Gen having better looking models, shading, added particles and more realistic lighting and foliage.

Here's a video Ubisoft made to showcase these enhanced features of Next-Gen -

I'm still deciding whether these graphical improvements are worth waiting another month to play the game.

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Dont forget that a lot of stores are doing a trade in thing, whereby you can trade in the current gen version for the next gen version when it launches, for a price. Fortunately that price is simply the gap between current and next gen versions (eg. for the uk its £10 to upgrade, and as next gen titles are selling for £50 there isn't really any problem)