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I'm new to the AC franchise, and this game is high on my wanted list at the moment. I am wondering, will it be easy for me to get the hang of, as I haven't played any previous AC games. Will I be able to understand the story?
Recently i've been playing FC3:Blood Dragon, and also have an extremely keen eye on Watch Dogs, so I am getting to know the upcoming Ubisoft games well.
Is there anything you can tell me about the series I should/need to know befor playing? How many hours (roughly) have each of you clocked on the previous games? 

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if your still wondering since the desmond backstory ended in ac3 this one stands on its own so you can play it without missing out on too much.

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It won't be too bad as the Desmond story ended as the above guy said in AC3. However there may be a few things you won't get.

Also the story in the later games really isn't as good as the first and second games. but never the less. Its a good game you will enjoy.