Jumping back into the series. A question.

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Hey everyone,

I'm looking to jump back into this series. I've only actually really played and completed the first Assassin's Creed. I'm looking to purchase the entire library and am wondering what platform to buy for.

I plan to buy the stand alone AC: 1 - perhaps a game of the year edition (surely there is one?). Then I'm looking into the Ezio trilogy. (AC 2, Brotherhood, and Revalations). Then, of course III, and eventually black flag.

I just want to know what platform has the better looking games. I'd rather this not turn into a system war - and yes I realize the differences would be minute. Just wanting the best possible experience overall.

So... 360, or PS3? (Don't have a gaming PC, unfortunately)

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id go ps3 ive played on both systems I found ps3 was better but that's just my thoughs and don't forget and ac3

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@killerspawn: If you are going all the way back, you are going to need to buy on both systems to get the better versions of the games. For AC1-Brotherhood, you should buy those on the Xbox 360. AC1 and AC2 were especially noticeable bad ports of the 360 version that ran slower and had some graphical distortion and awful draw distance on the PS3. Brotherhood was pretty similar between systems though still a slight sharpness advantage on the 360. Revelations and AC3 looked better and played a little smoother on the PS3. If I had to guess, AC4 will also play better on the PS3 and PS4 as I think they are the lead development systems now.