I am stuck on 1 of the stealth missions

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It's the level where you have to locate James Kidd and you're on that island with all the assassins on it.

I didn't keep track of how many check points I went through already >_> But it was a few. The part I am stuck at is a little...pond? There is an alligator visible in it and the water is surrounded by some manmade walls, it looks like.. But there are 4 assassins. It looks like 3 women and 1 guy. The guy is on some steps. 2 of the girls are standing in front of a tree and the third girl is walking back and forth between the 2 girls and the guy. I managed to knock out the walking girl and 1 of the tree girls by crouching and whistling in grass. But now I am stuck. If I go to the right, behind the tree, I get spotted by a 5th person with a gun above me somewhere...i am guessing a gun cuz the red attention circle has crosshairs in it.

If I go to the left, behind the guy, I get spotted by him and the remaining tree girl.

I tried using smoke bombs but I still get detected even when the smoke is dense.

Am I missing something? Because I have been stuck in this spot for two days now

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@hanyojai: You don't need to knock out anyone here. For me, I just go left. There's grass near the guy on the steps. Just hide in the grass if you got spotted and then climb up.

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you can always use sleep darts to bypass sections without killing anyone.



Nevermind i forgot you get them after. what you do there is attract one at a time and knock em out and then wait for the girl with thegun to turn and rush over the tree's knocking her out.

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I took out everyone one by one in the area just before the one with the gun patrolling on the ledge. I tried to time a run toward the one with the gun to hop the tree branches and hang from the ledge before being spotted, but I didn't manage, so I kept hopping until I got on the ledge. If you do that it will reset due to being detected, but you'll spawn at a checkpoint just past the one with the gun. It's easy from there and you can still get your 100% sync, I did.

The part after with Kidd has one of the best puzzles up to that point in the game.