GS gives Assassins Creed a 9... BS... This game sucks...!

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The only positive thing I can say about the Assassins Creed 4 is that it's big and the scenery looks nice. But that doesn't make up for all the disappointment. The gameplay is tedious and very repetitive. There are no real challenges, no puzzles worth mentioning, no real difficulty at all.

The sea battles are all the same and once you figured out how to do it, (which won't take long) there's no loosing. Five, six ships at the time? No problem. The enemy ships aren't run by "A.I.", but by "A.S.", (Artificial Stupidity). The Forts? No challenge there either. Just keep sailing by and keep firing, they can't shoot to save their lives, just keep moving. The man to man fights? There are only three types of enemy. The ones you can just hack to pieces, the ones you have to hit <SPACE> first and then hack to pieces and the ones you have to hit <E> first and then hack to pieces. You'll put down 30+ enemies, easy. The harpooning? Aiming might be a bit tricky with the smaller fish, but with the upgrades, even that is a piece of cake. I missed the first catch and since then, bagged all of them.

The fleet game? You will win everything, (it tells you so for hand as well) so after watching the funny graphics for the first couple of times, it becomes a chore, not a fun addition to the game. You'll make some money here, but keeping the routes save and sending the ships on there way is more like doing your homework then playing a game.

The (PC) controls are totally inadequate. There is so much action done with just one button (the "E"key on PC), that more often than not, Edward is doing the wrong thing. Still neurotically climbing everything you come close to when running, (same problem as the games before), especially ladders. He "hides" behind walls you wanna climb when you approach it too close to the side. He still gets totally stuck on ALL fences and walls, just sits there like glued on the thing. The jumping safety doesn't work half of the time, making him fall or just about everything. He still has a huge problem jumping diagonally, no matter how small the gap. In short... Technically speaking? Not much effort was put in.

Climbing in AC4 is the worst of all the previous games. Completely unbelievable and almost needs no skill form the player. And riddled with flaws. Edward is quite often not able to jump over a friggin' pebbles, sticks, little fences or walls. He then just stands there with his face into the wall waiting to be shafted. Or he can't lift himself onto a ledge, or roof without any reason, really nothing is in the way, or something and move two millimeters to the side and up he goes. On the other hand, he can vertically climb/jump distances that just shouldn't be possible. These "long jumps straight up" just look ridiculous and none of it requires anything from the player than the three "run-climb-jump" button pushed uninterruptedly. No skill necessary.

Then the jungle... So many trees and rocks look absolutely easy to climb, that it becomes completely unacceptable that he can't. Even though you realize it's the edge of the game area. And if you need to climb something, (as in 'find your way') it's so friggin' obvious my mom could have done it. ANd what's with these anuimals that attack you... You can't kill 'm anymore... Just fend 'm off, that's it? I'm armed to the teeth, but I cannot pull out my knife and end the animals life? Makes no sense what so ever.

The diving... Swimming is very chaotic. Holes in wrecks that would fit a small car are apparently to small for Edward. The sharks are more annoying than exciting, as are the Muraena looking snake fish thingies. And what idiot goes diving without a knife at least? And why can't I get some air at the surface? Sometimes it's closer by that an air barrel or the bell, but noooo, that's not allowed. Just one more thing that makes the game feel very cheap and unrealistic..

Next....The story... What happened to the story? The main Real life story line, Desmond and the present day fight against the Templars has been abandoned to be replaced by... I couldn't say by what. By, nothing basically.

And the best bugs so far? A ship I boarded with no crew to fight. Fighting sounds were heard, but no redcoats on the deck of the enemy ship, only an bunch of black guys standing still. Nothing to fight, nothing even to select... Next best bug? Fight in absolute silence... Ghostly. I've seen my ship in mid air 300 feet above the ground. I've seen my ship sunk in "a hole" in the ocean. Enemies death cries sometimes are heard before Edward hits them... and I could go on for an hour, so many glitches.

And this rant above is ignoring all the technical problems with the game. Not only the very sloppy gameplay and graphics, time to time, but last time the game took 8 minutes to start up and that was with intense praying that the thing would start up at all. That is not the suspense I am looking for in a game. I see lots of people are having problems with the game (reading the forums) and so far Ubisoft has been extremely unhelpful.

Anyway, I'll probably spent another couple of days finishing the thing, but I don't think this is worth the money. I feel like it has been put out there as a quick money maker and it doesn't feel at all like the previous AC games and definitely a really bad move by Ubisoft... They took a fantastic, intelligent game away from the real gamers and made it into a half assed first person shoot 'm up for the masses. I'd call that a sell out if I ever saw one.

Last complaint...? I bought the game for myself and for my girlfriends birthday. I played it out, but she basically is so disappointed in the game, she wants give it back and get the money back, but buyer beware... The terms clearly state that there is NO MONEY BACK under any circumstances. All deals are final.

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Oh and I even forgot...

And what's this eagle vision? I can see through buildings now? Ubisoft must think very little of gamers. This game already tells you what to do EVERY friggin' move, taking away much of the challenge, but this is completely, absolutely rediculous. Another sign that Ubisoft went for the "mindless shoot 'm up gamer" in stead of the people who look for more intelligent challenges.

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First of all OP, it doesnt suck, its understandable that you dont like it, not everyone can like the same game, but saying this game sucks or isnt fun, is almost objectively false, I would personally give it an 8.5 but that's my opinion and as you can see on many user reviews and reactions, its quite loved and could possibly be a nominee for a game award( Scratch that, VGX called it the best action/adventure game) these are my thoughts on the game:

And though you were disappointed, youre very much so in the minority:

I respect your opinion and all but this will not be "the game that sucked" like AC3 was.

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I completely agree with Python1026, except for all the respect of opinion. Don't cry about little bugs in the AC4 game. Maybe you should went with a console port I had no problems with entire play-through. This game was meant to be more user-friendly for people who are new to the series who could delve into the gameplay. Not all of us play games 24/7 and expect so much out of a franchise game. Ubisoft stated that they are saving the best for Next Gen titles. So why this harsh review? The only thing I agree with you about is the annoying sharks. They can die. However, I can kill animals while performing the correct button sequence and no matter how repetitive the ship capturing gets, I still find it satisfying to blow them away or break down a fort's walls. To answer your question, *spoiler warning*** Desmond DIED. What else do you want him to do? The other characters are still in the story. You don't think the story is anything? What about Juno escaping and how the Sage was the technician at Obstergo and she was within the computer***. All this ties in with the story. That is why your frustrated review makes NO sense. Also, for the love of GOD check your spelling. However, Python I do not agree that AC3 sucked. I enjoyed that game a lot. I loved flying as the eagle in the DLC for AC3. I think ACS and AC4 are great games who cater to a more wide range of audiences than the story specific previous games.

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@MajinVegeta2: I kinda liked AC3, I meant that people saw that as the game that sucked(Type "Assassin's Creed 3" and youll see the hate)

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The two things that stuck out in OP's wall of rext (rant text), is he starts out praising the large beautiful world, then ends by claiming it has "sloppy" graphics. He starts out saying there's not enough challenge, only to be clueless to the fact that free running in most any AC game requires momentum. You stop in front of a wall, and guess what, he's not going to vault up it because YOU slowed his momentum to a halt.

Then there's the fact that you DO have the option to somewhat scale the difficulty by how many upgrades you employ or gadgets you use. You also don't HAVE to use Eagle Vision on every mission.

Never mind the fact that his angst has him somewhat clueless, or that he can't even spell ridiculous, he's clearly not researched the game well before buying.

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While some of the author's arguments feel slanted, stating that the game is genuinely difficult because you can choose to bring in and use certain items is a bit shallow.

Game designers are tasked to balance the elements of a game to bring the intended degree of challenge, to balance and refine the player's growth of power through items and skills to be tangible and useful, albeit not overpowering, and to strengthen the obstacles you face to carefully match those growing capabilities.
It's fair to say the designers did not want this game to be easy, but this game has not been designed well to balance out the obstacles and player's capabilities to keep things tense and exciting in the vein of challenge.

As an example, I could state that Fallout is the most insanely difficult rpg of it's time because "I" never used more then the minimal amount of items to play through it. That makes no logical sense, I can state the "Legend of Zelda" is the hardest game, so was DOOM as I only used three weapons at a time, etc etc. It's a argument that's too broad and unrefined.

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I no what the problem is. assassins creed is better on consoles thats the way to play the game its awesome

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He has a point about the storyline

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I havent finished it, due to me getting distracted by life itself, relationships and when i do play my ps3 (which lately has been rare) i play Ghosts. However, having said that, i've always been a huge Assassins Creed fan and follower. Played every game, as it came out, the last 3 i own. I flew through Assassins Creed 3, which i thought was a joy. Black flag is a whole new type of Creed though. And i feel as if it is definitely an acquired taste and not for everything.

The simple fact that you have to continuously jump between land and ship is somewhat of a pain, that and the swimming, when need be if you are trying to get everything out at sea (which i have been when i play it) is tedious and long. There's really no way of rushing through it or hurrying. There is a lot of patience involved in this title.

The storyline isn't great, at all, they fell short on that for sure.

The graphics are nice, though i'm sure if i would have waited for the ps4 version i would have been happier with them. It shows hints that it was made for that console more so than for the playstation 3.

I'm not a pc gamer, hardcore, or anything. I'll play the sims or something simple like that but the whole using the keyboard and up down arrows for my movements just isn't comfortable for me. This game was developed for the console gamers i think and that would make a big difference. I personally still love this game even with it's minor glitches and such, for my playstation 3. But if i were to play it on even the best PC out there, i don't think i would be happy with it simply because i'm a console gamer.

This game was and still is extremely fun to me. They took something and made it better in my opinion. They took the norm of AC and through you into a pirates world without losing AC at all. (i also missed the horses though) But, i'd stand by this game all day.

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Well I agree with the OP. The game really is just boring and the more I play it the worse it gets. They need to go back to its roots and take a good look at II and Brotherhood. Everything went downhill after those games. Its flawed with bugs, the story is boring and hardly holds anyones attention and AC games are just not made to be open world like GTA, even though it tries. It really is just repetitive and boring at this point.

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@nico2000nl: You're absolutely spot on in your review. I've been there since the beginning and have enjoyed playing all the AC games (even the frustrating parts); got the upgrades for being a loyal customer and all.

This game is absolutely gorgeous to look at... at sea or on land. The problem is it's all at a difficulty level only a pubescent teen could find engaging. Huge time wasters to make the game "play" longer (cheap gimmick) like being forced to "trail" (could this be more mundane and un-challenging?) or those huge sections of useless dialogue (solid voice acting overall - Edward's just a poor man's Chris Hemsworth - but the storyline is for the birds) that you're forced to watch. Don't even get me started on the rather-watch-paint-dry-than-this stuff at Abstergo.

I could go on and on and on and on but you covered a lot of the main points well enough that they don't bear repeating. I've been gaming for over 20 years and am far from a hater but the wrongs of this game simply don't come close to the rights (and there are many). And that's the frustrating part because I wanted this game to succeed (for me).

Again, if you find this game engaging, to each their own. But the fact is, you are easily satisfied or a young, novice gamer. Period. Most of the points made in the first post are almost irrefutable. I realized just how much time I was wasting on this scattershot effort and finally stopped with a "wtf am I doing?" at the 47% completed mark mid-mission (ranked 24,000th in pirates with the most wealth or something like that - doesn't seem like a high ranking but I was over 100,000 when I began).

I have zero desire to ever complete the game and that goes for any future installments. I'm out. No sour grapes just couldn't. care. less.

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I like AC4: Black Flag :)