Game-ruining glitch that makes no sense

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Hello, I have a problem with my AC4 on Playstation 4(Four).

I just got to the point where I got the Jackdaw and the Quartermaster and I"m doing my initial sail to the main objective island.

But, problem...

Every single island that I go to, as soon as I go to it, it will automatically act as if I pressed the option button and go to the main menu. I get out of the menu and it instantly brings it back as if I keep hitting it over and over.

I restarted the checkpoint that is on the island so I load my game and all I get is 1 second of seeing Edward on the island then boom, options attack.

I restarted the memory to see if it was broke by that, but nope, same thing. I was sailing fine and I got to an island and bam, there it goes.

Any ideas? Can't play game :( I apologize if someone already mentioned this I just didn't see it and this is a weird thing to happen and I'm betting my main game just got completely corrupted somehow or what but any help from you guys is great, thank you.

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@gamerxcccp: Sorry I'm probably retarded but I can't find an edit button for my post.

I deleted the game, reinstalled and redownloaded patch and it's still there....bullsh!t >_<


I am so furious about how fux0red this was.

After trying to slowly move edward away from the island each 1/2 second I could see him at a time before it went back into the menu and enjoying my seizures from the flashing, I noticed something in the menu.

There was atiny arrow po inting towards crafting....So....I opened it up. Two things in there to buy about upgrading Edward. So, for the hell of it, I bought them.

Now I can play.

APPARENTLY Ubisoft does not want you walking around islands without those 2 upgrades but doesn't care if you're sailing without them and they'll just not let you play on an island until you do it.

So, it's solved. F*ck Ubisoft >_<

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@gamerxcccp: Yea, it was a tutorial without a warning. I found myself spamming the option button too trying to get out of it.

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damn, you saved me, man! I was stuck same as you, but even if the options pointed to the crafting thing, the item was not available!!! so I had to restart then the option became accessible

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This is Sequence 3 Memory 1

You have to hunt two Ocelot and two Iguana then you HAVE to craft Pistol Holster II and Health Upgrade I

If you don't do this you will be pissed around by the menu. Once its done correctly, returning to ship plays a cut scene where you are given a second pistol.

Dont worry if you have already upgraded to a better pistol set, the upgrade is still valid (IE both pistols are now classed as the upgrade you bought).

Additional Holster upgrades also give you an additional pistol of the type you bought.