Easy way to take out a Man O' War to board the ship.

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If your ship [The Jackdaw] is not fully upgraded and find it difficult to take down a Man O' War. When you spot a Man O' War ship Lvl. 36 or higher, I found it easier to look for one that is already being attacked by other ships. Then circle the battle waiting for them to slowly chip away its health, this will take some time, but worth it. When you start to see the sails of the Man O' War damaged and torn, Jump in the fight, put a few mortar shots into it, maneuver around it's mortar fire and use round shot and heavy shot cannons and ram it. I suggest not using heavy shot a lot because of risk sinking it if you're going for boarding ship. Another method you could use, is attack the Man O' War, then allow it to follow you and head to the nearest fort you captured to help you take it down.

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This also works:

Sail full-speed into the Man of War without firing at it. When you get close and it starts to veer to avoid collision, let go of the wheel and charge up the center of your ship. If you are disengaged from the wheel and the Man of War hits you, it will not initiate a naval battle. Essentially, run as far up the front of your ship as you can, before attempting to launch yourself onto the Man of War.

I suppose this method is a bit theatrical, but man is it fun. Clear the ship through hand to hand combat, it's much easier than early naval wars with these galleons. When you get to the captain, bear in mind that your attempts to disarm and knock him back will initiate his counterattacks. Once the ship is cleared, go back to the Jack Daw, and fire once upon the vessel. It will go from full health to nearly zero, and will be boardable. Problem solved.

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I never thought of that

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@d_kell411, you are a genius

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@AMRgamer3: I sailed South to the plantation on New Bone island while the area is still under of the enemy power, Serranilla, and stopped quite far out. I then had him swim to New Bone, sycronise the viewpoint, then immediately fast travelled there, which docked my ship. In the bay there is a Frigate and a Man O War. I swam out to both and killed everyone onboard, before going back to my ship and using it to board them both. The Man O War had a cargo capacity of 90, the biggest I have seen! This may be random, but if you leave this area under enemy control you can now fast travel there again a bit later to find another Frigate and Man O War, just sitting in the bay waiting for you! I waited until the plantation was full again before going back, but I'm not sure if this is necessary.

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@AMRgamer3: I got a 2nd one with 90 cargo and doesn't need the plantation to be full. Going back for a 3rd time. The Frigate does shoot at you, so you may want to take this out first