Does this game actually deserve A 9.0???

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consider myself a gamer, played the other Creeds and couldnt get into it

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it is very repetitive. same exact killing as all the other creeds. practically same weapons. same design. different story.

i beat the game without really spending any time upgrading my guy and barely even upgraded the jackdaw.. dont get me wrong the naval fights were difficult without upgrades but if you have any common sense it can be done without issues.

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@YouEnjoyMyFluff: Its an 8.5, compared to the others its the least repetitive, here's my review.

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Not really a 9. Maybe a 9.5 or so.

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I would say the est and the worst thing about AC4 is the same...

Its the difficulty. I played AC2 and couldn't make much progress
I'm playing through this and having a great time!

However, if I can play through without problems it suggests the game will be quite easy for experienced gamers.

I love the ship combat but I've already worked out how to take on ships bigger than the jackdaw without a lot of upgrades.

So, is it worth a 9?
If you are an experienced gamer looking for a challange then possibly not.
If you are a casual gamer looking for some fun then definately yes!

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my experience with AC is not extensive (a few hours of AC1 and AC2, and finished AC3), I'd give about 8 as the main story is not very interesting, the gameplay is fluid but not very rich (either stealth kill or counter and try to chain kill), but allows a lot of exploration at your pace ; to extend the gameplay I use the special quests of ACinitiates but it gets boring fast

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Honestly, I just stopped playing it about 5 minutes ago. I'm not a fan of AC especially this latest installment. It's quite boring and offers nothing. What happened to innovation and good storyline?? This game is flat out boring with good graphics.

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@Freddy said:

Honestly, I just stopped playing it about 5 minutes ago. I'm not a fan of AC especially this latest installment. It's quite boring and offers nothing. What happened to innovation and good storyline?? This game is flat out boring with good graphics.

Well, you obviously have the right to have your opinion, and not being a really fan of the Assassin's Creed games... Anyway, I guess that you played earlier AC games, since you were comparing and talking about innovation, storyline.... And if you did it, you obviously know that this new AC4 game is all about innovation on this series! First time you have such a big open-world as ever before; The Naval part (traveling, open-world, combat, exploring) is a huge innovation, like the upgrading system too, where you need to find the plans what gives you one more reason to explore the AC4 world; different combat system, better graphics too as you mentioned! Lots of innovation on this game in comparison with earlier AC games , even not being a fan, you must agree with that! About the storyline, I think that's a matter of personal opinion... You didn't like it that much, and I'm cool with that, it's your opinion, I must accept it, obviously! But, as an Assassin's Creed fan, I think that if you played the other games and followed the story, you will enjoy this one, since it have a lot about future characters that you already played! In general, I think that's a good storyline with good aspects incorporated that fills some blanks you had on the story! I agree that it wasn't the best one of all AC's, but that's not a bad one too! But that's only my opinion, obviously!

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I have every game in the series. The first one was interesting for about two or three hours and then got really boring so never finished it. The story was amazing though and really sucked me in, I was just fed up with the repetitiveness and lack of things to do. AC 2 was an absolute smasher. I am a fan of the period and Italy so needless to say I had an absolute ball , also with AC Brotherhood. AC Revelations was still great but I thought they did not improve much. But also they did not get worse, so still a solid experience. I have not tried Liberation yet, also due to the fact that I absolutely hated AC 3. The whole intro into the story , on the ship , running through the snow covered woods and doing the first level once in town totally did my head in. I must have spent three hours with the game and never bothered to pick it up again. I was very skeptical at first about AC 4 and to be honest only really bought it because the lack of games for the PS4 and it is the last one I played after finishing the other games. And oh boy was I in for a surprise. I am blown away by the sheer size of it, the variety of things to do and again, the story or period really draws me in. No it is not a quantum leap in a new direction and rather more of the same that made the earlier parts so interesting for me. The way the game connects with the mobile app and acinitiates shows what gaming is really supposed to be. If you have not liked the gameplay before I doubt you will like it however...