Cliffhangers at the End of AC IV

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So, I just finished playing AC IV and there were a couple of things I noticed that could possibly relate to AC V.

Some things I've been pondering are:

1.) Why John thought the Abstergo employee/main character was the one who would allow Juno to come back? I wonder this because Minerva chose to reach out to Desmond very early in the series through his ancestors, Roberts thought Edward Kenway (another one of Desmonds ancestors) was the one that would bring Juno back, and Juno herself tried to use Desmond's body to make her return. So I just don't get how some apparently random Abstergo employee would be the one and only person who John thinks will bring back Juno. And what does John inject in

2.) Just before Roberts, the Sage, dies he says, "Destroy this body, Edward. The Templars... if they take me..."

I'm really curious what exactly the Templars would do with his body at that specific point in time, BUT... John, the modern reincarnation of the Sage, is killed by the Templars in the Abstergo building. So, the Templars may not have gotten Roberts' body, but they definitely got John's. So why would John allow himself to die in an Abstergo building that's full of Templars. Does this mean that the Templars/Abstergo can actually go back to the time of the First Civilization through John's DNA. Also, does this mean that the Templars can somehow open the Observatory with John's body? And what exactly would happen if they did?

3.) Are there easter eggs in the game that hint to the setting/story of the next AC games? I thought the hack that showed all the mysterious locations around the world (Easter Island, Chichen Itza, Bermuda Triangle, SE Asia etc.) were interesting. The past two games have been set in mysterious areas where First Civilization structures are found. I think that it's essential to the main plot line that they keep this trend going. I would really like to see something come from the first civilization blood vials, or a stroy that somehow focused far more on the First Civlization story and what Juno is actually planning on doing.

I'd love to hear any and all of your thoughts on this stuff.

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interesting thoughts on 2) with jon and roberts.. in the hacked computer files' audio logs of test subjects you can hear that abstergo's dr virgil or vigil did not achieve the goal, but the indian professor found a way to go back in OTHER PEOPLES memories that are related for example by the child of the woman who is test subject, and then back to the father of his child and back to the mother of the father. so yes, it could be. but it don't think that they go back to the first civilisation. the first civilisation represents the three godesses (power, peace, destiny), like in the picture in the story of lady beth, that are told to be just as real as the eden apple (real object representing and therefore beeing power). so if the DNA goes back to a first civilisation, it would mean that DNA was created by gods and powers and formed out of that. and with creation comes consciousness that is directly related to power.

as for 3) i'm pretty sure they will go for asia, there were several hints to that. i guess doing more historic games like napoleon in france or anything like that would just be too uninteresting for the gamers. and they excluded WW2 in the hacked documents somewhere.

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well the second possibility for the next game is "Rising Pheonix", there were actually 2 posters of a new AC game hanging in the Abstergo Offices. i saw them, too and here is a capture of them. This will play in Egypt in the Pyramides.

As Ubisoft said, AC will have a final Ending, it won't surprise me if the first civilisation has something to do with the pyramids.

heres the screen capture