Anyone else surprised at how good this game is?

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I haven't beaten it yet. I've probably played it for 10 hours, barely scratched the story.

This is coming from someone who hated AC 3. Didn't even beat it. I expected to be disappointed with this but a part of me wanted to give it a shot as I used to love the older AC games. Boy was that a good decision. This game is phenomenal so far.

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Expected this game to be a disapointement as well, I am incredibly pleasantly surprised by the results, still haven't beaten the game, I plan to take my time! best AC ever (although the second was amazing also)

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only thing i dont like about the game is the combat but other than that its [retty awesome

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I have to agree. I wasn't looking forward to this title but I work at Gamestop so I checked it out. I'm actually surprised at how much fun I'm having. It's still plagued with classic AC issues (such as sticky climbing, T dunno how many damn times I try to run/jog down an ally and I spend 5 minutes arguing with the character who insists on trying to climb every object under the sun) But overall I'm impressed. I liked that the present day is taking a bit of a backseat. I did find the whole Desmond Arc good but I hated how forced it felt. I liked it better in AC 1 and 2 where it most mostly just for easter eggs and bonus info (which is what this one is entirely).

I do wish there was a bit more customization for the ship, outside of just wheel, sails, and bow ornament. I do also miss the throwing knives or bow. I'm about halfway through the game and I have no ranged stealth weapons. Unless I use a berserk dart, but nine times out of ten they start shooting guns and I somehow get discovered even when hiding.

But being a pirate is just downright fun. I honestly hated the navel combat from AC III and was really worried about how it would be in here but it was done really well.

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after bezerk dart you only get detected if your too close and have no way of escaping without being seen for a second. Since you have to wait it out before the guards "cool down" and stop being suspicious. Cause if they notice you while their still yellow they will imidiatly attack.

And they are extra suspicious so they will notice you if your in a tree above them.

The bezerk darts are very handy if you know how to use them, i would even say overpowered since you can easily shoot the guys one after another and they'll kill everyone for you.

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I am, I would've played it anyway, but I didn't have high hopes. I mean it still has some minor annoyances like movement/terrain quirks you would think they could smooth out after FIVE GAMES, there's still quite a bit of repetitiveness, and the combat is just meh as usual. But that's something fans have come to terms with long ago maybe. As a whole I like it a lot more than the rest. I won't know about the story yet, too early.

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Yes mate, it has some nice touches for sure. As an AC game I like it... good storyline, epic cinematography and intrigue. As a pirate game though... well, there are better eh? I think old PotC and Age of Pirates 2 with the build mods were better at that; the huge amount of different ships to sail, Galleons, frigates, sloops, Brigs, Xebecs... and a fleet under your control. I like AC4 but the worst thing in it for me is the naval combat... way too arcadish... it's an immersion killer. Ship speed is way too fast... and far too many ships crashing into you all the time... I mean c'mon, it's a bit of a joke let's face it! It's still a fun little game, but I think I would've enjoyed it much more if it had been at least a semi-believable simulation of navigation and sailing on the high seas. I mean, water, food and provisions aren't taken into account at all... but your crew still sings regardless on command haha :) Pirates! Gold on the Amiga was more realistic in some ways :) I mean, it's supposed to be a game for adults... is it not? With an 18 certificate? So... why is the interface and gameplay apparently designed for 3 year olds and/or dumb people? I think Ubisoft must be aiming this at very young kids, the 18 certification is clearly a joke? At least, I hope so, or Ubisoft must truly think we are all idiots without a clue... I think the children on 'Are you smarter than a 10 year old' quiz show would find the level of dumbing-down in this game quite embarrassing haha.

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6 hours in, just got the Jackdaw and i've been blowing the hell outta every ship I see and looting and pillaging everything I can get my hands on, and its still not enough money. Its never enough. Its like the game is intentionally making things juuuuust expensive enough to keep me on the hunt for cash and treasures to buy more swords and upgrade my ship and other little goodies I can buy.

I love how you can almost forget that this is an Assassins Creed game, and just pretend that its just a great pirate game instead.

The ship battles are freaking awesome. I'm in love.

Its a pirates life for me >:D

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@razrabbit: well the ships down south usually carry a a couple of thousand with some cargo like rum and sugar which you can sell so money is something you worry about at start but eventually by doing sidequests you'll have no problem geting cash.

of course you can always farm skins by fast traveling to viewpoints that have animals like jaguars near them so you can jump down kill, skin and the use fast travel again to reset the animal and do it all over again. some animals are like 500 per skin so you'll have a few thousands within minutes.

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this game is just awesome i love it

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@ABakedAlien: Yeah same here, I felt the same thing about AC3 so I thought AC4 must be the same crap again, but I was also surprised how better this game is compared to the last games since AC2, I believe the series is finally back on track, I hope Ubis**t will keep the same team because THEY know what they do.
BUT, the game is still way too easy, way way too easy, it means that very soon it'll get boring like all the other AC games before because I have no reason at all to run away why? I can kill 50 guards without blinking, and also because their games are not friggin MODDABLE, we're in 2013 FFS, but other than that a very good game.

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I think this is the greatest game of the franchise, a huge world, many islands to explore,treasures,shark hunting and diving quests( i really wished many more quests like these). The ship battles are awesome and when you upgrade it to the max it's feels great :D. I'm only at half of the main story , and i intend to do all the side quests before i finish the main story. This game deserves a 100% accomplishments. Thank you Ubisoft.

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I like the game itself, but I have how they didn't advance much the story of Juno and the bunch. Also I didn't like the story inside the animus, like how most of the main enemies didn't last more than 5 mins (In comparission with AC3 for example, when you knew almost from the start who were the 5 or 6 people you needed to kiil as Connor).

I don't know if this is a 9, but a solid 8.

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Yeah I was skeptical at first, but after seeing the gameplay video demos showing some of the naval stuff and land stuff I thought it might be worth checking out. The funny thing is, the water spouts, which were one of the things that looked interesting, I've rarely seen so far. There's just so much good stuff in the game it doesn't need any one dynamic to carry it.

I also think they've achieved a good balance between complexity of content, and RPG features, without over complicating it like previous titles as far as crafting and upgrades. It's sort of an AC meets Far Cry 3, but it definitely works. I don't know why, but this game isn't being talked about much on forums though. It's as if after a certain number of sequels people just assume they're bad.

I'd go so far as to say this is one of my fave AC games, right up there with the venerable AC2.