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So with AC4 coming out, I thought it would be a good idea to start thinking about some weapons that are available in this game. Hidden blades, swords and flintlock pistols have been confirmed but I think we should get into more detail. I have a few weapons I would really love to see, and I will list them below. What weapons do you want to see??? AC4 Weapons Wish List (no order) 1.) Blunderbuss, an early age shotgun/pistol know for its flared muzzle. It shoots multiple shot and would be a good factor when defending or boarding a ship 2.) Hachet, much like the tomahawk from ac3 this guy would be a good weapon to have by your side 3.) Cutlass, enough said, a classic pirate weapon 4.) Knives, not getting specific but knives in general would be cool:) 5.) Grenade/Grenado, you get it nothing like a big boom 6.) Boarding axe, used to cut down the enemy ships sails and you enemy 7.) Flintlock Musket, used to fire from your ship to the enemy ship, not for close quarters 8.) Flintlock pistols (already confirmed), Classic:) 9.) (not a weapon, but a certain use for a weapon) It would be cool if when you shoot your flintlock pistol and can't reload then you turn it around and use it as a Club 10.) Misketoon, a short barrelled musket better for the conditions of a ship Well there you have it, what weapons do you want to see in AC4?
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What should really be in AC 4 is throwing knives only they should be thrown from the hidden blade

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Cutlasses are in the game, Edward is capable of carrying two of them and duel-wielding. A new weapon introduced to the franchise will be in the game. It is called the Blowpipe, and it is a Mayan weapon. If you've ever seen the movie Apocalypto, its that meter long pipe fired with the mouth. Edward has a choice of different darts, from berserk darts (make the enemy attack all those around him) to poison darts, and probably more. Smoke bombs are in the game, grenades are a possibility, however we cannot know for sure yet. Edward can carry up to four flintlock pistols in the game. I would assume that Edward will be able to pick up flintlock muskets and fire them, just like in ACIII. In the first gameplay footage that was released, it opens with Edward throwing knives at a victim as a method of interrogation, so the return of throwing knives is a possibility. In a 55 second leaked plantation demo (Which can be found on youtube) Edward is liberated a Plantation in Kingston, the video begins with him sneaking up and assassinating a soldier in a watch tower. The soldier dies and drops his weapon, which appears to be a blunderbuss, the weapon lights up, which means Edward does have the option to pick it up and use it. The blunderbuss was also Blackbeards favorite weapon, and he is the main supporting character of the game. We can not know for sure, but it is defiantly a consideration. Video: