Vivid scenery, great combat on both land and sea, with a in-depth story line that leaves fans hanging for more.

User Rating: 7.5 | Assassin's Creed III X360
This is the fifth instalment of the Assassins Creed games. You play as a American Indian named Ratonhnhaké:ton (more commonly known as Conner Kenway) during the American Revolution.

The first few sequences were quite interesting, a sneaky twist which at first left me feeling like I had just been 'trolled' by Ubisoft.
Throughout this instalment of game your views on the Templars became more blurred and you'll be questioning what exactly it is that they are striving for, and if they really are as evil as you have been lead to believe.

I do love the way Ubisoft have paid so much attention to the detail of the history throughout this game franchise. Who ever said history was boring? Assassins Creed is the fun way of learning history and (if you pay close enough attention) you can pick up a bit of a different language also.

I did enjoy the changing of seasons, the day/night cycle in this one and the vast open world to explore (though at times it felt like I was running and/or riding a horse for ages and not getting any closer to my next mission marker). The random bear/wolf attacks you come across on the way are quite realistic and at times catch you off guard but they make traversing in the Frontier section a bit more enjoyable. You can also try and loot convoys along the way via stealth or knocking out all the guards, taking the prize and disappearing into the wilderness.

I agree with what a lot of people have said about the protagonist of this game being portrayed as 'boring' and 'bull-headed' and his constant shouting for the whereabouts of Charles Lee got a bit on the irritating side after a while. But I can see where he is coming from and why his personality is the way it is.
All three protagonists have had a really identifiable personalities and I would imagine the next assassin we meet will be different again.

Manoeuvring your ship can be a bit tedious at times, more often than not you will need to get right in the line of fire of an enemy ship to be able to land a decent hit with mass cannon fire. That aside, the main naval missions are quite fun and the extra side quest (although short) are quite enjoyable.
The visuals are marvellous and the way the wind and waves play a role which makes it a bit more challenging. You can occasionally finalise the sea battle by ramming the enemy ship and boarding them to slay the crew in a bloody showdown or explosion.

The hunting mechanics seemed a bit undeveloped, but it is just a side task that isn't really necessary for you to even do to progress in the game.

This game had quite a few bugs in it, mostly minor ones like animals running into a rock or tree and continuing to run in place (a bug which also appeared in AC:II when you jumped off your horse near an object) and some rooftops that allowed you to enter the doorway and bypass guards that were after you.
I have heard of more major glitches but I didn't come across them within my first play-through.

The ending, in typical Creed fashion, will leave you scratching your head and leaving you with even more questions and a wait for the possibility for another game and perhaps some answers to boot.