the gameplay is great but repetitive, the story is surprisingly equal to lowest rated games, and the bug makes me crazy

User Rating: 6.5 | Assassin's Creed III X360
i must say that i, and i do believe many others, played assassin's creed series because the greatness of its gameplay, true. but that doesn't mean a 5 year-old historian can just create a story for me. and believe me, this is constructive criticism

the gameplay is rather fascinating, and the concept is all there, to choose a Native American to be the first tree climbing, tomahawk swinging, ship navigating assassin, to choose 2 greatest city of east coast during the American revolution and being able to do anything that affects it is even greater. the combat is revolutionary, the homestead economy is a great change of pace than ezio's mansion, the liberation missions and the brotherhood concepts are greatly improved, than simply "kill these guards so this guy joins us", the naval is so addictive and well thought out,

however good it sounds, this game has a story so bad, to be able to finish the game while watching the cutscenes all in 40 hours, equals to 2 days in hell. the story has no structure nor witty dialogue writing, it is undoubtedly chaotic and extremely boring, i find myself almost died of boredom and could not believe for a single moment that the story of Connor is destined by Gods.

the other thing that is extremely annoying is the bug, which is the godfather of all bugs, from its environment, its character physics, and even from its objects in game, all of which have bugs in them.

that being said, i value this game from the gameplay alone.