One word: tedious.

User Rating: 5 | Assassin's Creed III X360
Where to begin? Where to end?
The interesting guy wasn't even the main character. And to tell the truth, he wasn't really that interesting. Most of his story is told through Quick Time Events - push this button and watch another scene. Don't bother to explore the world around you - we're trying to show you a movie here.

Heavily scripted and no idea what to do at times. I feel like I missed a lot, but that didn't matter because you were suddenly someone else in a completely different map.

I didn't get the hunting bit, and I stopped playing the game after trying to trap a deer for the umpteenth time and running out of bait. Restart - frustration - no direction as to what to do.

Yes, it was so frustrating, I stopped playing the game I had played since Assassins Creed II captured my interest. I even slogged through AC I, after AC 2 impressed me so much. I bought Brotherhood and Revelations, and even tried out the free-for-all MP for a bit, until I got tired of Level 50's with better toys and lag switches beating on me.

And now they're coming out with a Pirate next year. All they need now is a construction worker Assassin and a traffic cop Assassin, and they've got the whole set.

Major disappointment, Ubisoft.