This dlc has been broken for all players since march, they have made no attempt to fix it despite being aware of it

User Rating: 1 | Assassin's Creed III: The Tyranny of King Washington - The Infamy PC
Ubisoft is a poor company with little to no reguard for its customers this is clear as anyone who started playing the tyranny of king washington in and since mid march and got to justice served mission has found it game breakingly bugged... months later... and no fix... they broke it during one of their patches and have refused to even address the issue since, they owe everyone who bough it refunds, and a fix... but they have provided neither, they're a joke, and game that is broken is of no use to anyone, 1 star is to many for this company it deserves 0, a game that doesnt work is not a game.

The fact they charge 8 pounds on its own for this unusable product, or part of the 24 pound dlc bundle makes a laughing stock of the whole principal of season pass dlc, I wasted my money buying something I cant use and their lazy and imcompetent so they broke it and havent fixed it months later, game breaking issues caused by patches should be fixed within 24 hours... they still havent bothered and this affects users on all 3 forums.... its pathetic, shame on you ubisoft and all employees.