Not the best in terms of time period, but I loved! Graphics, story, the world. It's an underrated game I fear.

User Rating: 9 | Assassin's Creed III X360
The Good: I actually really loved this game. A lot of people said it was bad, but I really liked it. The Graphics are good. The world is beautiful and rich with a lot of detail. The Frontier is giant, and it is only one of 3 locations. The water battles are amazing as well, with you taking control of your own ship. The story made a lot more sense that AC 2 did as well, never getting lost in the hours you spend running about hunting and completing one of the 100 quests you have.

There's a village you control that will give you upgrades and more things to sell and buy to help you on your quest. And oh boy are there a lot of weapons for you to play with. It truly gives you a range of ways to complete a single task. The acting is pretty decent as well.

I clocked in about 50 hours on this game, completing it to 100%. I just loved it that much.

The Bad: Connor is sometimes a bit difficult to control. I think this is a thing that Ubisoft has been struggling with for a long time and I don't know if they will ever get it to work properly. It's not impossible, it's just as if the dude sometimes jumps where I exactly don't want him to jump.