1 step forward and several back

User Rating: 8 | Assassin's Creed III PS3
I haven playing the game for over 10 hours now and even that the game continues with is main rots. There are thing I certainly did not like. From the worst to the bad.
1. The economy system. Is hard to understand and is also very messy. I liked more the one on AC II (and its sequels). Buy something and upgrade. In this you have to mix and match.
2. The lock picking. Is very, very, very hard and you do not get a real clue if you are going ok, as the margin of error is very low. (Sometimes you can pick very fast and others it is not as explained you don't get a real clue). Those hold and repeat (who thought that)
3. The combat system. Even that it does have improvements. It some times doesn't responds to commands and gets stock in the combo. As when you try to block it keeps fighting.
3a. - You can not track your enemies when you are near a wall or fighting in close quarters. The camera does turn automatically or you cannot engage that enemy.
4. The sometimes you cannot loot because there is a pet mascot near and when you attempt to loot, you find your self playing with the pet mascot. (I ended up finding that is better to kill them and the looting)
5. The AI has troubles to recognize items when they are very close:
- Over a weapon (so you can pick it up)
- Over a body (to loot or to pick it up)
- The pet mascot (as described early)
6. The GPS, Map configuration and display. Ok I understand that they try to "improve" but the older versions (AC II, AC II Brotherhood and ACII Revelations) have a better map system (in comparation to ACIII)
7. The steal, Ezio have better masters as you only pressed a button get close to the victim and "zoop" you stole. In this you have to remain close to the victim and if you want additional items you have to remain even longer. I found that it was better to steal to the ones that are standing or looking at items than attempt to steal to walking people
8. It has several other glitches, the most annoying
- Your horse getting in your way (when you attempt to shoot)
- Enemies that keep walking directly to a tree and they do not realizes that there is a tree there.

But I did like the game (this far) and the history turn around (this far).