Wow Connor is such an unlikable protagonist

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Just when you thought the protagonist couldn't be more unlikable than Desmond, they came up with Connor. Connor is such a douchbag. Every line is uttered with plain sneer, arrogance, and idiocy. Even from the way he moves and how he look at others with his nose tilted up is full of douchbaggery. And so far it seems every action he took made things worse. 

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I liked him as a protagonist. Its nice to have flawed characters to see develop. Due to people being so butthurt about it though we won't now get to see him grow into a far more worthy assassin. Ezio wasn't at all likeable at first, then he started acting like an assassain and people loved him. Connor could have easily been the same, they (devs) were just making the progression from unlikeable and naive to likeable and wise take longer to show it more indepth.

Personally I loved it, how he becomes so grossly cynical toward the end of the game. To each their own though. =)

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Yeah I agree. Connor is kind of a buzz-kill, never really taking people's actions sincere, and he definitely has an air of being better than everyone else around him. His arrogance is misplaced, as he has NO ONE to rely on, unlike Ezio, who at least had his mom and sister. Desmond, on the other hand, cannot be surpassed in terms of douchebaggery. I never like Desmond, and I don't think I ever will. Desmond seems like a disgruntled idiot for whom nothing is good enough, and he's not much of a hero. In fact, he's confused more than not. The fact that he "ran away from the farm" where assassin's were trained is evidence enough of HIS idiocy. Honestly, to run away from a life of dedicated training to become some bartender somewhere? At least connor lost his whole family and all of his friends and his village was burned..... he at least has a reason to be a douche (also, if the village burned, i don't understand why it's still there throughout the rest of the game)
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I completely agree, every word. Connor is such an infantile douchebag, it's really hard to find him likeable. I didn't see the change some are talking about. As he was at the beginning, he stayed till the end.