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I have a PS3. I cannot get past the wolves. The part where you locate the mysterious woman. When you arrive at her camp you are attacked by 3 wolves. I dont know what buttons to use on my PS3 controller to kill them.. Each time I try press the buttons that flash on the screen. I am dead!
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what i did was shoot one of the wovles and the other 2 just ran away

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You seriously, have that much trouble following the buttons? They do appear quickly, I'll give you that, but following the button prompts allows you the opportunity to kill (thus skinning) 3 or 4 wolves at a time. The button prompt will always start with B (the game's dodge button) followed by any one of the other buttons.
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I struggled with the wolves too. Until I read here that there SHOULD be button prompts. Only, they didn't show up when I was being attacked by wolves. Hence, inevitable death. Then I discovered the problem lies with the HUD options. If you have SSI turned OFF in the HUD settings, the button prompts don't show up. Pretty major design flaw, if you ask me. What's the point of allowing people to turn off a HUD option if it is going to get them killed, because the developers decided the button prompts go under that particular HUD option. Turning off SSI is one of the first things I did, because I don't want the game to guide me through every little step of gameplay (including indicating where I should climb/jump next, every step of the way). But now it looks like I'm going to have to turn the option back on every time I'm walking/running around in nature, lest I get killed by wolves over and over again. I think this issue may require a patch. Let's see if Ubisoft has noticed the issue too...