Why is there no background music?

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Isn't there suppose to be music playing when we're out-and-about? Anywhere you'd go in ACII you'd hear music. In ACIII I can go to the Frontier, Boston, and any of the other places you can explore and the only time I hear music is when it's scripted or when I'm in a fight. Is it suppose to be like this?
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I don't know if anyone realises this, but its one of the biggest reasons that ACIII is not memorable. Notice that AC1, 2, Brotherhood, Revelations, even Bloodlines, had music always playing in the background. Now we get a silence in every city that makes them unmemorable. I believe its the reason ACIII didn't live up to its franchise. I was hoping for a patch that puts music in or anything like that. That would be amazing.

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It's the most frustrating part of the game. The ambient music in the Ezio games (Revelations especially, I feel) was brilliant - so moving, context-building and emotional.  Running around with silence for hours isn't only alienating, it makes the game boring and tonally numbing.  Nowhere has its own character because of the lack of music. Completely baffling decision...

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It sure does suck. I miss the dramatic music on Ezio's games... It was emotional, horrifying and meaningful at the same time. Now I only hear pigs, cows and footsteps...
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Yeah, I totally agree. The music and sounds in the Ezio games were really excellent and among the best I've ever heard in a game. The music (and lack of it) in AC3 totally sucks.