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This soon to release, I expected the forums to be a hustle and bustle of everyone from fanboys claiming that their life wouldn't be complete without Assassin's Creed to haters, stating that the AC games have ruined the current gaming industry... Even Mortal Kombat had a huge, active forum just before release, and everyone knew that was just going to be a button mashing gorefest. Anyway... I'm an AC fan, loved AC and ACII, but actually think the AC:B and AC:R have made me slightly racist towards Italians (Obviously, that's not quite true, I just hate Ezio... the little cock but looking forward to a new protagonist. Connor could be what the AC series needs to breathe life back into the series. I'm done.
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I didnt like Ezio either, I'll have to wait and see with Connor

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Ezio was not my ideal assassin either, that's for sure. I liked Altair much better [love the new accent from ACR]. Ezio was just too playful in ACII. He was wasn't as arrogant as Altair used to be, but he certainly was more cocky until Brotherhood. Also, he made the retarded decision of letting Rodrigo live at the end of ACII. Even if he was over the pursuit of revenge, he should've still had enough sense of justice to do everyone a favor by ending the life of the grand master of the Templar Order. By letting him live he put everyone he loved in danger. Uncle Mario died because of this. But then again Altair also made a dumb mistake too early in AC1, so neither of them are faultless assassins.

I do however like Altair's seriousness compared to Ezio's "charm", and I'm hoping Connor brings more of that grit and coldness back to AC. Actually, Connor looks pissed everytime I see his face, lol.

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Connor seems to be an very serious person.