Where / how to get assassin recruits?

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On sequence 8 and only have 1 apparently haha.

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each city is broken up into three sections. you find the freemasons symbols. they will tell you something needs to be done about something. you go looking around town for white freemason symbols which are set randomly about. after like ten or so you go talk to them for a final mission. then they join you. i believe they unlock a new assassin action as well. in the map menu, their is one where they should the percentage done for that district

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same thing here...whats the freemason symbols?

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You guys must have noticed them, they look like little arrowheads forming a square or something.


They're everywhere in the main cities.


Complete all in one district, and you get some random guy that "owes you a favor"

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Kinda looks like that but without the G in the middle. V + /\

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On the map, if you put your marker over it, it will list it as a liberation mission. Complete all liberation missions for each section of New York and Boston and you will get your six assassins. It should be noted that some of the liberation missions will not show up on your map. You will need to use the internet to find the locations. I could not find the one liberation mission in Central Boston but use the forums to find it. I hope that helps. I look forward to playing with or against you.

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