What is going on? Ac3 doesn't make sense, no explanation?

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I love assassin's creed, and I actually like AC3 as well, despite is shortcomings. But am I the only one who doesn't understand what's going on? I feel like the game does very little to explain things to the player. Yes, the game is almost constantly in tutorial mode, telling the player how to fight and which buttons to press in the case of certain situations, but what about core elements and explanation? For example, liberation missions? I'm running around new york and talking to all these people marked as "liberation contracts." What the hell are those? Did the game ever have a character explain to connor what the contracts are? Or another example, courrier missions? When was the function of being a frontier-mailman explained? Here i am running around delivering letters of which I don't know the context or significance, to people that I don't even know and will never see again. who made connor the mailman? and this one is my favorite: Liberating forts???? Who in the world told connor to start liberating forts from the british? Here I am just running around the frontier; never been to Boston or New York as grown-up connor, and never really got started with the storyline whatsoever, yet i have the option of killing everyone in the fort and then replacing the british flag with the flag of the continental army?? Where did connor get the continental army flag? Who told him to do that? I felt that other games did a better job of explaining stuff.... Like in AC brotherhood. Macchiavelli does a brilliant job of explaining what the borgia towers are and why they suck. Then Ezio says he'll take care of it. SO WE TOTALY KNOW what's going on, and we know why we should kill other borgia captains. The forts in ACIII just make no sense.... and worst of all ****(SPOILER ALERT)**** What in god's name are pivot points in the frontier? And why didn't the game explain what their functions are? It seems like there's a great deal of fluff in this game that just goes unexplained; so the player just does random stuff for no reason. Im I wrong? Did i miss the big explanation?
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shortly this game was just made to finish the god story and saving the world we saw in the previous parts (probably they were out of idea to make a good story) so in my opinion this game was made just for money and the biggest prob they finished it in an unexpected way and intend to make a new part .. so mostly this game will turn out like prince of persia this game is a ****

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I think you nailed what I would say is the most glaring failing of AC3 so no, you didn't miss anything. The side missions in the earlier games were interesting and had story to them. These missions in AC3 are crap. I guess this is what happens when you try to release a game every year.

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The Liberation missions you are talking about is the ones about the taxes I assume. If so, yes the main story mission when Connor and Sam Adams talk about the tea explains those missions. It's part of one of the themes of the Revolution about taxing without representation. You are helping citizens against the British forcing tax money out of them. You are sending a message by putting a stop to it. As for the forts, I was surprised how early you were allowed to attack them so they do precede there time with the replacing of the flag. But basically the idea behind that is Connor having a problem with the British. He isn't on anyones side, but he is less on the British side than the colonists. Courier side missions are one of the games side missions (obviously). At the time, groups would form to spread letters around the areas. These are your modern day mailmen. By partaking in the missions, you are essentially joining these groups (if you wanted a literal role playing explanation). Everything is explained in detail if you pay attention and read the ADB. AC games are almost entirely all about history and the animus database is essential into understanding anything in these games.