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So Desmond "dies" ( I think he is still alive) at the end of the game, saving the world. And Juno now plans to dominate the world and all the humans. I get that. I played the epilogue and after the story is complete a male voice appears and starts explaining the pivot points in the animus. Is this guy's voice just a tutorial voice or is he maybe a character in the animus like how Desmond was? Is he maybe related to Desmond and therefore has the same ancestor? Since Ubisoft claims AC3 is the last of Desmond as the protagonist the game will need a new protagonist. Is this him? His voice wasn't Desmond's obviously nor any of the current characters. Any thoughts on this?
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^ This. I am curious as well. Also, what the hell are pivot points in the first places?! Are they just cheats?

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Yeah they're basically cheats you can unlock
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It Sounded Damn Close To Desmond's Father's Voice. And Btw I Think The Next Protagonist Will Be A Prequel-Sequel, Which Would Be Clay, As An Ancestor Of His During The Civil War. Also, Desmond IS Dead.