Two questions (spoilers)

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first question

as far as i understand correct me if im wrong, desmond could see these things in the animus because they are the ancestors of desond and he has their dna inside, this would mean connor must have had children at least one so it can do more childs until desmonds father or mother is born and then desmond

second question

in ac brotherhood in the video sequence of subject 16, he says "...The Sun...Your son...". desomd died, or we have to think he died, that would mean before all this before he was by abstergo he has propably banged someone and has a son he doesnt know about? will he be the new hearo of the next game? or did i miss something?

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Yep, the implication is that that Connor eventually had a child.

As far as Desmond having a child, we don't know, maybe AC4 won't even involve the Animus that much.