Trade system bug

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Hi all, I have been playing AC3 for a week now, nice game, but I am having major bug issues with the trade system. It started in sequence 5 when I got stuck in the perma loop bug, the trade system just was not responding anymore to the keys, after countless of tries I got out. But the bug still exists, playing in sequence 9 now atm, but havent traded a single item because I simply cant. so: When opening the trade system, it freezes, wont respond to keys, sometimes respond to a scroll, have to quit entire game to get out. Anyone else facing this bug? anyone able to help me? Thanks alot.
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I just don't like the fact that you cant sell your sword before you buy a new one

Also the pistol was a waste of money.  

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Having the same problem here. Still looking for a solution, but did not find one until now ....bugger.

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I didn't have a problem. I was playing the Black Box version which was cracked by THETA along with cracked DLC. Hehe. =P There were no problems. Here's the helpful Google link for you: this.