This game is absolute ****

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I have played all other assassins creed games and they are great , but what they did with this **** is unbelivable, I don't understand why in HELL would they change the controls? it's absolutely RETARDED. They turned a verry beautiful game into ABSOLUTE ****.

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I admit it's frustrating, but after your second playthrough you learn to appreciate it a lot more.
They really should have did combat tutorials instead of free-running tutorials, since none of that changed too much. 

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The truly disgusting part for me is Full Syncronization.

Even worse - you get to Sequence 10 and you can't aerial tackle the target -> instant fail Platinum. There is no way I can do this one, meaning there's a trophy I'll never get.

What's the point of playing a game with a whole plethora of possibilities to choose from on how to go about an objective, when UbiFail$oft says to DO IT THIS WAY ONLY by way of full sync every mission?

Excuse me while I puke.

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Yes, the full synch is ****, but in terms of gameplay, story, character background and such, it is, for me, the best games in the series.

When i first played AC: II it was one of the best games i have ever played, and then the story started to take some really retarded jumps, incredible badly explained details and character development was terrifyng... everything sounded fake. Now, Connor seems real, the ambient seems real, people actually have motives for what they do and awesome background stories.


Everything i didn't liked about AC, was completely changed with this third instalment.

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^ Connor seems real? I admit some bits with him are really good, but throughout most of the game his voice is mono-toned and lacking in any emotion. The rest of your points are good though, this game really is pretty good... Better than ACII? I disagree, but it definitely takes second place to me.