The templars *ENDING SPOILERS*

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Throughout the series we have been told that the assassins are the good guys and the templars are the bad guys. That the assassins fight for freedom and the templars want to rule the world. But what if the templars really are the good guys? Sure, Desmond saved the world and everything, but now he is dead and some evil b*tch has got the power to rule the world. Maybe the templars knew about Juno and her motives and they were trying to stop her? Maybe that is why they wanted to find all the pieces of eden, but instead the retarded assassins who had no clue stopped them from doing what was right. 

I mean everytime you assassinate a main templar target and they give you their final speech, they are always like "You don't understand what you have done.. /facepalm", and then you kill them. Its like they are trying to muthaf*cking explain to the retarded assassins that if they keep killing the templars something bad will happen to the world, but the stupid assassins just keep on killing them. 

What did the assassins accomplish in the end? Now the world is ruled by some crazy alien.

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I wasn't going to comment in this thread, since, like a child, posted the same topic three times. However, there are too many flaws in your logic to pass this up.


What did the Assassin's accomplish?! SERIOUSLY?! Desmond was given a choice, let the world end (killing BILLIONS of innocent lives in the process), and with a select few survivors (Desmond as one of them) rebuild the world. Or, sacrifice yourself to save billions of lives, letting Juno free, but having faith that the human race would be better off fighting for their lives than surrendering them.


And no, the Templars are not "good." What they want is good, which is peace, however, the means of which they would go about doing it is terrible. Templars want peace by forcing the people into being peaceful, whereas the Assassin's believe that peace should be a result of everyone becoming truly free.


Neither side is good or bad, the Assassin's simply have higher morality.

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...and yes, I posted in all three of your topics.