The hickey chase is a spoiler!! Annoying as can be!

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I manage to cut his way and stand before him and no matter of what combination of buttons i press he just runs through me???? No way to tackle him!!! This sucks!! Complete spoiler! Work on it Ubisoft!!!
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you have to run behind him b4 u press circle button use the shortcuts and u ll catch him fast. without shortcuts it is impossible to catch him

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lol you think thats bad. wait till the next chase you get too. 

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C-L chace wasnt that bad cuz in the end u were destined to catch him in certain point and there was no need to use shortcuts

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what i posted on the older hickey topic


lol i guess i found an "exploit" in that mission on the first run. i started chasing him and like 5 seconds in i bumped into a horse jumping on it. if your on a horse following him it wont count as bumping in to poeple even if you do. once your close you assassinate him from horseback.