Some complaints.

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- Can't turn off tutorials. Why am I still getting a "do this and this and then this" pop up in the middle of the screen ON TOP of what I am trying to look at just to pick a chest which I have been doing already for the last 40 hours of gameplay?

- Visually the most inconsistent game of all time. This wouldn't really be a gripe if it was consistently bad throughout. I find it distracting to have such a large delta of quality going on at the same time. It's almost like they only applied effort to the parts they THOUGHT people would notice.

- Controls are subjectively( probably objectively ) terrible. For example, Why do I HAVE to enter free running mode in order to run at all? Why is there not an option to just RUN without having to worry about getting too close to a box while chasing someone and accidently getting sucked into it by the "you just automagically climbed this thing you didn't want to climb" mechanic?

- Controls are objectively inconsistent. Sometimes pressing X next to a dude will use him as a shield. Sometimes it won't. Sometimes the game won't even acknowledge that you pressed it at all.

- Stealth is inconsistent.

- No manual crouch.

- Last stretch of the game is too drawn out and should have ended like 5 times before it actually does.

- Credits are WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too long and can't be skipped.

- Most of the 100% sync requirements are tailor made to induce checkpoint spamming. While not hard, a good many of them are luck based and frustratingly so and are only compounded by the game's inconsistency theme.

A personal favorite involves preventing a guy from killing someone else while killing two other enemies in the process. Problem? Depending on how the crowd is seeded, you might not even be able to reach him before this fails even while skipping the other two guys entirely. Being loaded into a set of circumstances where something is instantly impossible based on a random number generator is stupid. For clarity I was only stuck on this part for 10 minutes.

- Way too many cutscenes/loading screens. While they are skippable I find them extremely excessive mostly in number and not so much in length. There are simply too many things that induce a cutscene that should have just been dialogue while you retained control of your character.

- Lots of other things I can't think of right now.


TLDR : Good game but absolutely and utterly half a**ed and consistently inconsistent.


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Good points, and I agree with most of them.
The controls are perfectly fine in my opinion, the only problem being no way to run without climbing.
While using somebody as a shield tap the button a couple times, at least one of them will register.
There's no need for a manual crouch, we don't need a Skyrim stealth mechanic where you can dissapear in front of somebody's face.

In a game where it's been driven by story since the beginning? A lot of cutscenes is tolerable, more specifically it's expected.
All assassin's creed games have been like this, each getting a little worse.
My only complaints are how linear the game is and how unbearable some sync objectives are.

Namely two:
A naval mission where you must protect eight ships and the objective is limiting the amount destroyed to four.
Wouldn't be so hard if it didn't start you out in the very back on the line, no matter what I do I can't get ahead and when I finally do the ships are split up all over the place where I can't do a damn thing to save them.

And the one I think you're hinting at, assassinating somebody while haveing the objective to kill two other enemy militia while also preventing the death of an ally.
No matter how much I try it's not possible because he's on the right side and the others are all on the left.
I have to go out of my way to kill them which means he at least kills the optional ally, preventing the last objective which is completing both in one play.

Other annoyances include some naval missions that require hitting weak points/ gunpowder stores on larger ships.
Wasn't a problem early game but now one direct hit which would normally reveal the point destroys the ship entirely.

My frustration has made me forget the rest of the points I wanted to make. ._.