So many glitches!

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I can understand and tolerate a few little bugs and glitches here or there, but it's like they didn't even test this game. Even after a day one patch which is already making a statement, there is just so many little things that slowly take away from my enjoyment. I loved all the AC games and always admired the franchise because somehow they managed to always make a better sequal. But, this is ridiculous, I can't enjoy the SP because my weapons always change on fast travel, sometimes cutscenes are just silent or skip around, things don't react or they react for no reason, a few times even I simply could not complete something, because it would dissapear from the map. I sometimes kill people just to have them respawn. Its getting worse as I keep playing. Not to mention the fact that I can't even play the multiplayer for more than ten minutes without it freezing then just having it freeze for hours on end. The wosrt part is you can't return opened video game merchandise, so what they make a broken game and I can't get my money back?! so frustating.
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Completely agree. WAY to many bugs and glitches. And whats with the 8 hours of tutorial? Been playing for 3 days and the Revolution hasn't even started yet!!