So Glad I Youtubed This

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No spoilers here. After being burned by ME3 I decided to first do a little "try" before I buy by watching the walkthrough (of a very bad player mind you) of AC3. Breathtaking game, and then... it fizzles out in a horrible way at the end. This is my opinion though. But it's yet another sign of a trend that has been plaguing the gaming industry for quite some time. I expect there to be burst of this bubble in the next couple of years, while technology in this area plateaus (some would say it already has). This too shall pass. At least I can still use my X360 to watch movies, listen to music, Hulu, Netflix, and whatever else I would like to do on my TV.
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Same here. I always youtube any game before purchase, especially AAA titles. I will definitely pick up a copy during the Black Friday sales because I love the historical / conspiracy story lines but AC2 is still the best in the series imo.

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Yeah gotta agree sometimes when I iffy about a game I just watch a walk through and realize it's overblown and not worth it - saves me 60 bones every time. plus AC games are overrated . I'm getting the Wii u I hopes that it will bring something new to the table  

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The ending was horrible. There's no way around it. Even if that's a "trend" for AC games, it was just awful. They're going to get backlash for it and it will be interesting to see how Ubisoft reacts to the fanbase. Bioware blew it, and it was apparently so bad that the founders "conveniently" decided to move on with other interests. Time will tell.
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youtubing a game for me doesn't work. i instantly feel disconnected. I can play BF3 and have fun...watching it on youtube just not the same....but that is my thing. I'm a fan of the series since day 1 and i am enjoying this game. I appreciate the changes just like i appreciated the changes for AC to ACII to Brotherhood...didn't care for revalations.
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didn't care for revalations.bottaboomstick

Neither did the majority of AC's fanbase.

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Part of me hopes there's an outcry like there was with Mass Effect 3. If so, it could spark a real movement, one with a legitimate chance of success. That's why I think Retake Mass Effect didn't quite get where it was wanting to go.
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Assassins creed games have never been about choice. so if the ending happens it happens. who ever dies dies and whoever lives lives. No matter how much you fight it, Bioware dropped the ball with ME3. it was an RPG then turned into an action shooter and in the long run they had no choice but to make a crap ending. but it deserved the outcry and hate it got from fans.


Assassins creed on the other hand has NEVER been about choice. I am yet to reach the ending of AC3 but i know that there s nothing we as gamers can do about it. its a story based game. no paragon renegade or anything like that...But ME3 was a failure to us gamers too coz many accepted the direction BW took with ME and many even thought ME3> ME2+1. 


Its just like over priced DLC. many oppose it but the majority still buy it.



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Really? You think the Wii U is going to be anything special? Wow... just can't believe you are saying the Wii U is going to be better than AC 3