Should I buy this game if i didnt like the first one that much?

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I posted elsewhere but no one has responded...

I was thinking of buying assassins creed 3, but I have not played since I played assassins creed, the first one.

I was ok with it and I played it through to the end but I found it a bit boring. It was very very repetitive. I felt that while the world was huge, the missions were very small.

You pickpocket, eavesdrop, and kill a few people that are not hard to get to, and then assassinate a main target, then run back to the base. You do this over and over and over till the game ends. I beat it within days. It was a bit stale.

I was hoping I would have to infiltrate a huge building or something that took long and more linear, and more asassiny-ish and missions that were longer and different. I like games like splinter cell, batman, where strategy and stealth are needed and the missions are linear.

Is asassins creed 3 the same thing as the first one? Or has the gameplay changed?

Its nice that the world is huge and you can do whatever you want, but I like when theres a mission at hand, and pickpocketing should take more than finding someone on a street corner.

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AC2 was alot better than the first. I havnt played Brotherhood or Revelations but AC3 is as good as AC2 some say that AC2 was better. It is definatly better than the first though.
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Then you haven't played Assassins Creed, Brotherhood and Revelations is basically about Ezio the character from AC2. AC3 is GOOD!
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I'd say get AC2 and ACB. Definitely the best in the series.
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I didnt like AC3 much but AC2 is better.
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If you like slightly interactive movies then I guess it would be great. 

I am still in Boston but bored as hell because it seems to be 15 min of cinematics for every 2 minutes of half assed gameplay so far.  A lot of the gameplay seems to be go here and do this, go here and do that. Once in a while you have the freedom to explore the city but there really isn't much to see or do. 2 side quests and a couple chests here and there. They made lockpicking a pain in the a$$ as well. 

I really don't understand what they were thinking to be honest. Even when your character has a conversation you have no input into it... it just plays out. You can skip it but I am wondering if it's information I need to know for later. The main character kinda behaves like a pompous douchebag when talking to NPCs as well so the solutions to problems are always not the way I would have handled it. 

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dont make any thoughts of assassin's creed series based on the first entry ..

3 is definitely worth a try

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You obviously didn't mind it that much if you played day after day until you beat it.