PC - Force DX10 instead of 11?

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Hey guys, infrequent poster here so forgive me if this is misplaced. As many PC gamers may know, AC3 once in Boston has a terrible framerate crash, mine less than 20fps. The game is completely unplayable. Im curious if anyone knew a way to force DX10, maybe through the assassin3.ini file or shortcut target line. Or maybe a fix all together until a path is released? Maybe a better Nvidia driver? I know my PC is a few generations behind, but can play many modern games almost maxed including BF3 and Black Ops 2. As usual GPU load is only around 30% with only a quarter VRAM used. Any help would be much appreciated. Sorry if this has been posted 1000 times, couldnt find anything this specific through search, just complaints like mine.

Specs: Intel Core 2 Quad 9400 @ 2.7ghz

          4gb DDR2 @ 800mhz w/ 25% Idle usage (old school these days eh?) :P

          Geforce GTX 550Ti 1gb w/ 310.61 Beta Driver - GTS 250 1gb for Physx (might as well have kept old card)

          nForce 7 SLI board

Thanks guys, have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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Yeah ive got this exact same problem, 17-21 fps in Boston and GPU around 30% load.


My PC is older like yours too:

Q6600 @3.3mhz

550Ti FPB with 310.61 Beta driver

2GB DDR2 @800mhz

nForce 680 SLI board


Its not just our older systems but poor optimization, ive tried getting it to run in DX10 mode but apparently its hard coded into the engine to use DX11.  This game lacks scalability options for people with older or mid range systems unfortunately, almost every other game has separate options for SSAO on/off, AA on/off and even more than that but this game just doesn't have those things.


I even went back to AC Revelations just to check and that game in an equally crowded city area runs at 35-45 fps which is much more reasonable and playable compared to 15-20 fps in a game like this for me anyways and my GPU was at 55-60%!  So that right there shows its not taking advantage of our GPUs properly.

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That sux. It's unplayable on my 3 year old system while other games work fine on max.