Looking for multiplayer buddies (XBOX)

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Hey there people!

I skimmed the first few pages and saw there was no thread to be found about teaming up for multiplayer matches. I've recently started playing and found that I liked the team matches most (especially manhunt), but the overall random teammate sucks monkeyballs and is only out there to steal my 600+ point kills..

I played through all the assassin's creed games and have only played some multiplayer on revelations, which I liked but I have not spent a lot of time on. After playing the multiplayer on AC3 these last couple of days I must say I really enjoyed it and would like some buddies to play online with and actually communicate with each other.

So this is my call to other players who feel they have at least some level of skill and want to play together with me to add me on XBL: my gamer tag is Lenskop, native language is dutch but I speak fluent English. Please type something like 'AC3' or something in the friend message.

I would also love to try out the wolf pack mode with someone that actually uses his mic and is willing to make it a team effort, not like the random matchmaking teammates who again just seem to be out there to nullify my efforts to get a lot of points on one kill.

To end this (maybe bit too long) post, I would also like to ask people if there's any good video's or something like that on AC3 multiplayer advanced tips. I found some for revelations and brotherhood, but I guess some of these are out of date with the new skillset that comes with AC3.

I'm looking for multiplayer buddies for either wolf pack or team matches, please add me if you have common sense, a mic and speak either dutch or english, GT: Lenskop

PS: I'm in the timezone GMT+1

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Hey, AC3 is my first AC game (besides the first one) and I'd say that I'm ok at it. So far I've only played simple deathmatch, but its because I want to be able to level up and be able to craft my abilities. As for wolfpack, I played it by myself first, and it seemed simple enough, the bots suck so its easy to get incognito kills. But then I played online... Just.. Awful. Anyways I'm down to play some AC3. I know for sure I'll be good at wolfpack, other matches I'm not to sure about. I'm gonna be tac0libre